Extending Your Capabilities

TPM, Inc. is an independent consulting firm that allows our clients to bring focused expertise to economically solve your problem. The company utilizes base staff and subject matter experts to analyze any project and suggest solutions to minimize cost and maximize result.

The company is associated with numerous independent experts specializing in corrosion, operational maintenance, emergency planning, information control pre & post incident, business asset optimization, environmental & regulatory compliance.

In projects pertaining to the acquisition or evaluation of liquid pipeline or terminal assets TPM, Inc. can provide:

  • Data Room Review
  • Physical Inspection
  • Operations Overview
  • Economic Valuation
  • Operating expenses
  • Capital needs
  • Potential for Improvement
  • Review and/or prepare operating maintenance plans
  • Ability to address regulatory compliance issues
  • Construction Management
  • PR Support and Consultation in pre and post Pipeline Operations

Wyoming 12" conventional river crossing

Welding spread in Wyoming

Welding spread in Wyoming